Benefits of Product credit !

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Benefits of Product credit ! Having a baby can be an expensive time! All the new things you need (and not forgetting all the things you don't REALLY need but are oh so cute you can't help yourself!) not to mention the dent in wages your maternity leave creates. If you've booked a newborn session, [...]

Chosen Shellie as your newborn photographer? – what happens next?

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So you've decided to have a newborn session, done your research and and chosen Shellie Wall Photography to capture the first images of your precious new arrival. What happens next? What are the stages right through from booking your session to purchasing your beautiful mementos of your baby? Firstly, you will need to secure a [...]

Catching the milestones…

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“nothing is more precious than life… especially the life of your child”         ~Peter Diamandis When a new addition enters your family it’s easy to spend every second trying to capture those precious newborn moments. It’s amazing to think this new bundle of life will continue to grow and develop into their [...]

Showcasing your little one…

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After months of preparing the Studio refurbishment is now complete. It looks amazing. The refurb has really enhanced the cosiness of the studio, a place to relax in comfort while your baby is in the capable hands of Shellie, in a fresh, beautiful and safe environment, that is professional whilst retaining it's homely and friendly [...]

Having the right experience.

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Finding out you are expecting a new addition to your family is one of the most amazing times of your lives, exciting but also scary by the same token. Preparing to welcome that precious bundle is an immensely challenging time in your lives, but imagine you find you are welcoming not one but two, three [...]

Portrait perfection portrait workflow – REVIEW.

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I was contacted by Jane Grates, She asked if i would like to use then review a new photoshop workflow action. Of course I jumped at the chance, anything to make editing quick and easy!! So today I have the most gorgeous little Lucas in for his newborn session. Although he had perfect skin, newborns always [...]

Making memories out of the studio – for babies unable to go home straight away after birth.

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It's every parents worst nightmare when the baby you've been expecting, planning for and looking forward to cannot come straight home with them. Whether it's because baby was early or has an illness and whether it was unexpected or not, it's a difficult and harrowing time for Mum and Dad and indeed, all the family. [...]

New Newborn Training for 2017

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Shellie is a passionate newborn photographer who became determined to provide quality newborn safety training to the highest standard possible. Having begun her journey over 7 years ago to becoming a specialist newborn photographer she was amongst the newborn photography pioneers for the UK. Also bearing witness to the huge rise in popularity of this [...]

New 2 Days Hands On Training

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New 2 day Hands-on Training. First day to watch, Learn and ask questions. Second day for you to put what you have learnt into hands-on practice. I have been running 1:1 training for sometime and as a highly respected trainer with The Newborn Workshops. Extending my training for you to experience real hands-on training, of [...]

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