Purchasing your images – Prints, digitals or wall art and what’s the difference?

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Purchasing your images - Prints, digitals or wall art and what's the difference? When you book a session with Shellie Wall Photography, it's likely that you haven't yet thought about what purchases you will make once the images are edited. You've probably had a quick look at the price list and packages on offer and [...]

A down-to-earth report of weeks 13-28 of Hayley’s pregnancy 

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Second trimester  A down-to-earth report of weeks 13-28 of Hayley’s pregnancy  I am happy to say I am now in the final trimester of pregnancy, so here is an overview of how my second trimester was for me. Don’t worry guys it wasn’t quite as gruesome as the first 3 months! So one of the [...]

Cake Smash Checklist – By Mama Cates.

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Cake Smash Checklist Cake Smash Photoshoot have been a recent sweet and adorable trend in the past years, but to some it may sound like a weird idea, getting a perfectly good cake, then take photos of your Birthday Boy or Girl absolutely destroying it. But cake smashes are a fun trend that you can [...]

Guest Blog by Alexandra Atkinson

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I am Alex, wife, mother of a 1yr old little girl called Elkie (and I can’t forget our furry family member – Frankel the dog!) I have over 8 years experience in the events industry and have worked for myself since University. I have run a corporate events company, a vintage events company and now [...]

Five Minutes for Mum – Stephanie Alexander

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Motherhood, it’s one of the most rewarding times in a woman’s life, but it can also be one of the hardest and most demanding jobs out there. From late nights and early mornings, to those days that feel like they’ll never end and that magical washing pile that seems to resemble mount Everest most of [...]

Snowed under by Bella Louise Drew

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Most of the UK is snowed under at the moment thanks to the arctic winds drifting over from the East.   But what do you do if you have a baby?   Being stuck indoors can be a pain, especially in the arctic weather. I've thought of the things that have made my life easier [...]

Guest Blogger Ann Roberts from About Birth and Babies.

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Ann Roberts and Sian Verney - About Birth & Babies       I am Ann, married to Neil, mother to four children, and grandmother to two; with two more expected this summer. I have been involved in childbirth education with the NCT since my second baby was born in 1984. I am passionate about enabling [...]

Sibling shots and weekend opening

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Two things we regularly get asked at Shellie Wall Photography are if siblings can be included in the newborn images and if we have weekend opening. While Shellie will open on a Saturday in busy periods, in general she does not work weekends due to her own family commitments. It's also worth remembering, that with [...]

The Joys of the First Trimester – Guest Blogger Hayley Rolf

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As some of you may know, Shellie is going to have another niece or nephew and she is super excited about it. Another brand new human for her to take pictures of! She is so happy for her brother Andy and his lovely fiancé Hayley to welcome their new arrival. Hayley will be blogging the [...]

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