Cake Smash Checklist – By Mama Cates.

Cake Smash Checklist

Cake Smash Photoshoot have been a recent sweet and adorable trend in the past years, but to some it may sound like a weird idea, getting a perfectly good cake, then take photos of your Birthday Boy or Girl absolutely destroying it. But cake smashes are a fun trend that you can make truly personal to remember for years to come – and they’re a lot of fun for everyone!

Cake smash photography began America a few years ago, which is actually the place I come from. I moved to the UK three years ago after marring my British husband, eventually having my son Weston. So I just knew I needed the perfect Cake Smash to celebrate my sons ‘American’ birthday culture. 

Birthday cake is a big tradition in America and really the centre of the party itself. Being a show stopper cake or a massive cupcake you let your little tot just go to town on. I remember my mother taking a picture of me all tucked in and covered head to toe in chocolate cake on my first birthday…The Cake Smash was born.


Since then, this trend has since made its way across the pond to Britain. The cake smash photoshoot is usually on display at the child’s first birthday, used on the party invitations or to be a reminder of the cute milestone. 

You will forever remember for the rest of your life a memory of them face-planting into it, placing icing in their hair, or just crawling through it not bothered by it at all. 

So how do you make the most out of your Cake Smash? Here are some top tips to get the most out of the experience. 


From the moment you book your Cake Smash session with Shellie Wall Photography… she gets planning.

Shellie will help you focus on a theme or something simple to represent your babies, style, flare or personality. I recommend researching using Pinterest on themes, colours and ideas you might have to personalise your photoshoot. Once you have an idea, Shellie is great at assisting you in finding décor, cake, and even outfits. 

Make sure you pack plenty of different outfit options, a few of their favourite toys and snacks. Yes, snacks. You will need them if your little guy or girl isn’t too fond of cake…which we found out and had to hide a few of my sons favourite snacks in the cake to get him digging’ in. 

Wipes are a given because you will get quite messy if your child crawls off the set and into your arms leaving greasy cake stains on you and getting your child to slippery to handle. Shellie also provides a great changing room where you can promptly give your child a warm wet down and clean before you go home. 

*Don’t worry about making a mess either Shellie has her two adorable dogs come clean up cake at the end of her shoots. 

The Cake

You don’t have to go overboard with the cake. I find simple cakes look the best and you feel less guilty about completely demolishing it.
Shellie Wall Photography uses a great cake maker, YUM CAKES

Yum Cake will make your cake and have it waiting for your child on set at Shellie’s to destroy. 

*Again, make sure you add personally touches to your cake to match your theme or idea.

The Shoot

When I arrived at Shellie Wall Photography’s Studio I felt relaxed and ready to have a good time. Shellie’s studio is located just outside Derham, Norfolk by her home. A large driveway for parking with a secure entrance to the studio, build next to her home. When you enter the studio you are welcomed to big comfy couches, baby changing area, toys and games, gorgeous displays of her work, a supplied bathroom with anything you may have forgot, and great studio set up that is spacious with lots of props and options depending on what you plan to shoot.

When I arrived the set was all set up, decorated and read to go. All I had to do was change my son, fix his hair and plop him down in front of the camera.

I recommend being ready to be hands on, and ready for a couple run-away shots. Always have something to distract them or keep their attention above Shellie so you can keep them in one place and hold their attention. 

Be prepared to have a laugh, create memories, and give your child’s birthday a personal memory for years to come.

If you want to know more about my life here in the UK living as American expat #BOSSMAMA feel free to head over to my Instagram.


*We at Shellie Wall Photography would like to offer anyone who books a cakesmash in the month of October 2018 will receive a free piece of wall art.