Chosen Shellie as your newborn photographer? – what happens next?

So you’ve decided to have a newborn session, done your research and and chosen Shellie Wall Photography to capture the first images of your precious new arrival. What happens next? What are the stages right through from booking your session to purchasing your beautiful mementos of your baby?

Firstly, you will need to secure a slot, we get VERY busy so advise booking soon after your first scan. We don’t decide on a date until baby arrives, but only secure slots for a set amount of newborns per month to ensure we can fit you all in. Don’t worry if you’ve left it later though! It’s always worth messaging about a slot, due to the nature of babies arriving when THEY want to, as opposed to when they are expected; there’s always that chance we could fit you in.

Your session fee secures you a slot. It also covers time in the studio, use of props and outfits and Shellie’s time and expertise in beautifully editing the images.

We ask you to complete a booking form on our website and on receipt of payment we will email you booking confirmation plus our parent prep brochure (handy advice on how to prepare for your session) Then you’re all set! All you need to do now is have a look though Shellie’s work and let us know anything you particularly like, then sit back and relax (ha!) and wait for baby to arrive.

Some people like to purchase product credit in the run up to their session so they don’t have to find all the cash to buy their images all in one go. This is available in multiples of £30.00 and you can get your friends and family to add to your credit too! Also great to drop as a hint if you’re having a baby shower (cheeky! )

Once baby arrives it is IMPORTANT that you let us know as soon as possible. Newborn sessions are best done before 10-12 days (though can be done after this also) You get in touch and we arrange a mutually convenient date. We’ll also ask you again about favourite colours/poses/anything you’d like incorporating. After all, this is YOUR session and we want you to LOVE all the images!

All sessions start at 10am in the morning, through years of experience Shellie knows this is the best time of day for babies to play ball! We will have asked to read through your parent prep again to ensure everything runs smoothly.

During your session in Shellie’s warm, cosy purpose built studio, it’s a chance to sit back and relax on the comfortable sofa as Shellie works her magic. If breastfeeding, baby may require some top up feeds, but other than that, curl up, have a rest and watch the cuteness overload unfold!

You will also be able to see examples of exquisite and high quality products.


After your session we aim to have 2-3 sneak peeks displayed on our Facebook page, so keep your eyes peeled for them that evening. Feel free to tag yourselves and friends and family so everyone can see!

Your full session will then be edited to a very high standard and you will be emailed a link to an online gallery and a password. You will also receive an email with your gallery expiration date.

Your gallery is there for you to order from and you can pop items in your basket and order directly from it. The gallery remains open for 7 days, though we can extend it for a £10.00 admin fee (£10.00 per every 7 extra days)

If no images are purchased within the first 6 months the gallery will be permanently deleted to make space for new sessions, however, once you have bought an item, you can buy more from it for up to a year.

We can offer payment plans if necessary.

If you have any other questions before booking do please get in touch!