Get more for your money – New Packages.

Here at Shellie Wall Photography we are always looking to make sure we are proving the best possible service to our clients.

Capturing memories is just one part of what we do here and we want to create the best possible way for you to keep those memories, by offering packages that suit your needs and mean that you can display your images in a way that suits you.

With this in mind we are in the process of restructuring our prices, to offer the most attractive packages with high quality products.

Newborn images particularly capture an incredibly fleeting moment in time, they grow and change so quickly over those first few weeks so to have beautiful images to reflect that time is priceless.

We want you to have packages that mean these images aren’t just stuck in a drawer on a usb, but also the chance to purchase stunning wall art to display Shellie’s timeless images to their full potential within your homes.

We will be rolling out the new prices and packages over the next month or so, if you are already booked or book before the new packages come into effect you will be able to choose your packages from either price list, giving you the choice over which package you go for.

So to give you optimum choice on which package to go for, book your newborn session asap to take advantage of the dual price list option.

Don’t worry if you can’t book before this time, as the new packages will be priced to be attractive to every budget and with the emphasis on value for money and getting the very most from your newborn experience.

All our wall art options are available to see in the studio at the time of your session , so you can see the quality first hand and will never be expected to order something that you haven’t had a chance to have a look at.

We will also be enhancing our customer services by changing from online galleries and introducing personal ordering appointments in the studio instead. You will be able to view your beautifully edited images and Shellie can advise on your best package options. You’ll be able to see the products again which will help you to really envisage how your own images could look on them!

To book or for more information contact us via the Facebook age or email us and we will answer all questions and queries.