Having the right experience.

Finding out you are expecting a new addition to your family is one of the most amazing times of your lives, exciting but also scary by the same token.

Preparing to welcome that precious bundle is an immensely challenging time in your lives, but imagine you find you are welcoming not one but two, three or even four babies!

Over the last decade the amount of multiple births in the UK has risen, with especially twins being more common place but also seeing a rise in triplets , though quads are still rare.

All the excitement of one baby several times over! As well as all the worries multiplied too.

It stands to reason that you if you are expecting more than one baby although you may have considered a newborn photography session it might not be the highest thing on your agenda, though when the time is nearing it could suddenly feel all the more important to capture those special but fleeting first few precious moments with your babies.

As with any newborn session it is incredibly important to do your research before choosing your photographer, but perhaps even more so in this case. If you are paying good money to have moments in time caught forever you want the best. After all in a few months they are no longer those teeny tiny babies anymore and you want to look back fondly at classic, timeless and PROFESSIONAL images.

I have been a newborn photographer for over 7 years now and it was very early on that I realised how much I ADORE taking pictures of multiples, obviously it stands to reason that if I love taking pictures of cute, squishy newborns, then more than one is always going to be even more amazing. Not only that I am passionate about my images and producing the best quality for the parents to treasure.

Multiple sessions are more demanding by their nature, settling one baby can be a task, so settling several and getting them to remain asleep all at the same time can be MAMMOTH! Because of this, the general rule of thumb is that a newborn session with more than one baby will usually yield fewer images than that of one newborn, which again, is why choosing your photographer carefully is of the utmost importance.

You want the images you do have to be perfect ! Especially as there is only so long that those gorgeous sleepy, curled up poses can be achieved. Once that window of opportunity is gone, it’s gone and there is no going back for a re-shoot.

I’d love it if every multiple birth family in the country came to me, of course I would – I’d be in heaven! and welcome all with open arms, luscious props and a full battery on my camera. Of course this is just a dream and not all families can get to me but I’d like to offer some advice for when choosing your photographer:

1. Check out their background and how long they have been a newborn photographer – it stands to reason that more than one baby will be more challenging so a newcomer could struggle.
2. Check out whether they have experience of multiple birth sessions – this is vital – I can’t tell you how different these kind of sessions are, so experience can be the difference between an ok session and an amazing session.
3. Ask to see reviews and testimonials from other parents, an experienced photographer will be more than happy to provide these.
4. Most importantly, examples of their work! That way you can see exactly what the outcome of your session will yield and decide if that’s what you are looking for.
5. Finally! Find someone who doesn’t mind answering a hundred questions about your session ! If they care , it will really show in their work.

So, if you are expecting twins, triplets or more or know someone who is SEND THEM MY WAY! I’ll do my absolute best at the session and my love for my job will shine through, and if I’m not the one for you then I do hope my advice assists in picking the one who is!