Making memories out of the studio – for babies unable to go home straight away after birth.

It’s every parents worst nightmare when the baby you’ve been expecting, planning for and looking forward to cannot come straight home with them. Whether it’s because baby was early or has an illness and whether it was unexpected or not, it’s a difficult and harrowing time for Mum and Dad and indeed, all the family.

The only thing that matters is the care and treatment of baby, life is put on hold so that every precious moment possible can be spent with little one.

Photographs are probably the last thing on the minds of the worried parents, however, new babies change so quickly and memories can be lost during this period of recovery. Obviously baby cannot be taken out to a studio for a newborn session, but lots of parents have expressed their sorrow at not having beautiful images to document those first few weeks or months.

Shellie has a real passion for the photography of newborns and understanding how much comfort having some beautiful pictures and memories captured can bring, she has been visiting poorly babies at the request of parents, to take a selection of images as a keepsake.

Shellie charges a bare minimum for this service, just to simply cover her travel costs, with a selection of images on usb provided for as little as £25.00, as she feels anything she can do to ease the parents worries and concerns, if only for a short period, is worth her time.

Of course Shellie will only attend with the permission of parents and carers and baby’s comfort is paramount at all times. Some sessions will yield more images than others, but all will provide some document of your baby’s tiny features to be cherished forever.

Just last week Shellie visited teeny tiny twins who needed extra care and their parents were thrilled with the images she achieved.

“Thank you again for taking some lovely photos of my two girls who are in NICU ???? Very special moments to keep and treasure, can’t wait until they come home got to wait a while then will have you again to take some more Josie x”

If you or anyone you know has a baby who isn’t able to be at home please do get in touch, pass this information on to anyone who may need it so Shellie can carry on providing this service to families going though this difficult time.

Please note, Shellie is not employed by the hospital (NHS), this is an independent service and parents must get in touch with her directly.