Mini Muggle Magic Sessions – for fans of Harry Potter.

Want spells, magic and wizarding fun, all captured on camera? Look no further! 
As a HUGE Harry Potter fan,  Shellie had to bring the magic of the wizarding world into her studio.  
After years of reading the books, being mesmerised by the films, and having a deep love for all things Harry Potter related – it was only right that Shellie would want to merge her fandom and her profession. 
Bringing the Harry Potter magic to the studio to share with like-minded fans!  These sessions are not only a photography session, they are an experience. 

For all your mini muggles,  the Mini Muggle Magic photography sessions are a spellbinding way to have some Harry Potter fun,  and create some magical memories along the way. 
Sorting hat, robes, magic wands……
It’s all there. 

We have beautiful custom backdrops and props, handmade robes and a little bit of editing magic to bring the spells to life, for all you Potter fans out there. 
We will leave the curses at the door,  it’s all fun spells and marvellous magic at our sessions. 
Mini Muggle magic shoots are fun, creative and allow you to indulge in your fandom. 
Stunning images are created, of your gorgeous little wizards, to treasure forever. 

The magic begins the minute you arrive at the studio, and continues long after you receive your beautifully edited, spellbinding images. 

For more information,  pricing and lots of examples please go HERE