New Newborn Training for 2017

Shellie is a passionate newborn photographer who became determined to provide quality newborn safety training to the highest standard possible.

Having begun her journey over 7 years ago to becoming a specialist newborn photographer she was amongst the newborn photography pioneers for the UK. Also bearing witness to the huge rise in popularity of this fantastically rewarding genre, Shellie wanted to be able to pass on what she had learned.

Shellie has been training others in the art of safe newborn posing now for around 5 years and has travelled the UK and Europe providing valuable insight and teaching as part of The Newborn Workshops.

Shellie can offer training in all aspects of newborn photography, from the initial contact with parents, settling and soothing baby, safety, posing, marketing and editing.

She imparts her extensive knowledge in a relaxed and chilled out atmosphere with newborn models and ample opportunity to not only take photographs but to ask questions too. Friendly and approachable Shellie is more than happy to offer help and advice to cover all aspects of newborn photography.

Shellie offers bespoke 1:1 training in her purpose built studio in Dereham , Norfolk. This is tailored to the needs of each individual undertaking it. She can offer 1 or 2 days training, with hands on experience on the second day.

During this training she will show you how she prepares for a session, her styling and prop use, greeting the parents, settling and soothing the baby and then run though poses for you to watch how they are done and take photographs and notes. Once the session is over you can watch her do some editing on the session and of course, ask further questions.

The two day training is much the same, except on the second day YOU are in charge, you style the shoot, greet the parents, settle the baby and run the session – all while its still fresh in your head and with Shellie there to guide and advise.

Go here for prices and further information on 1:1 training:

Shellie also has a Stand In Baby (SIB) which is an excellent training aid and will allow you to copy her posing on the first day and Shellie can use it on the second to show you anything you are uncertain of, as you pose baby yourself.

Once you have completed 1:1 training with Shellie the support doesn’t end there, with her giving you access to an exclusive Facebook group where she gives continued support, advice and critique to past attendees of workshops and training.

Shellie is also able to offer Fly On The Wall Training for 3 people in her studio, where she will run through a session from start to finish, at her usual speed so you can witness styling, prop choice, workflow, settling, dealing with parents etc first hand while taking notes, with a Q&A afterwards. These will be held at various intervals throughout the year.

Shellie was one of the founders of The Baby & Newborn Photography Association, which hugely promotes newborn safety and is a fantastic resource for both parents and photographers alike.

For further information you can email: or contact Shellie through her Facebook page