Newborn Safety


We have all seen images like this on Facebook, twitter and many different social media site …… These are all taken very lightly and even I have used them on my page for a little fun…. But in all seriousness Newborns are being put at risk by many photographers.

I’ve been trading as a newborn photographer since 2009 now, Before that I took time out of work to bring up my own children ( 3 boys ) and before that I was working following in the private sector in a medical profession. Working with and surrounding myself with Newborns has put me in good stead for becoming a newborn photographer, knowing how to sooth, handle and read newborns now just comes naturally to me. Having been biten by the photography bug when my own boys were babies and growing up becoming a newborn photographer was naturally the right step to take.

Newborn photography is me passion, But newborn photography is taking off at great speed, There seems to be more and more newborn photographers popping up everywhere and more claiming to be newborn specialist. This worries me as there are no regulations in photography which means nayone who has a camera can claim to be a newborn specialist and with this could be putting your newborn at risk.

During a newborn session you come to my home studio and trust me with you newborn.  I’m handling them, soothing them and watching their every move to anticipate their needs before they even know themselves. A session could last up to 4 hours and in that time I read your newborn and if i feel your newborn needs a feed or even just a break we will do just that, time has no meaning in a newborn session.

No matter who you choose to photograph your newborn please, PLEASE make sure the photographer is trained. I myself have completed intense training with one of the best newborn photographers in the world, I was taught how to prep, sooth, pose safely and edit your final images. Newborn photography is like no other photography out there it isn’t an easy genre of photography and being trained is the most important aspect of this job….. Don’t put your newborn at risk!

There are many things to concider and maybe ask your photographer when booking, do they use a spotter for any container prop/floor work. At what temperature do they have your studio room, do they use composite image … now as a parent you may not know what these terms mean but any newborn photographer who has had proper training will have no issue with showing you evidence of these.

I myself train photographers in both 1:1 training days and group workshops with newborn workshops we travel all over europe teaching how to care and photograph newborns safely.

I have written a previous blog post about not choosing a photographer based on prices, I feel its so important to fall in love with a photographers images before fall in love with there prices.

There is a directory parents can go to to find a newborn photographer that has been checked over and approved. Please go to BANPAS

I am a founder of the Banpas directory and I feel it is very important parents get this information and guidance.