Purchasing your images – Prints, digitals or wall art and what’s the difference?

Purchasing your images – Prints, digitals or wall art and what’s the difference?

When you book a session with Shellie Wall Photography, it’s likely that you haven’t yet thought about what purchases you will make once the images are edited. You’ve probably had a quick look at the price list and packages on offer and that’s about it. https://shelliewallphotography.co.uk/products-pricing/

Many people receive their online gallery and still aren’t sure what the best option is for them.

Some people, having never had professional photography sessions before aren’t sure of the difference between prints and digitals.

The digital images are the image themselves which we sell with full printing rights, this means you are able to have the images printed yourselves as many times and whatever size you like; either as prints or on canvas. This is why they are more expensive, as you aren’t simply buying a copy of the image, its the image itself. Under 10 digital images are emailed to you, 10 and over they are provided on a USB.

Prints are, as the name suggests, printed copies of your images, which we get done at a professional Laboratory that only prints for professional photographers, not members of the public, the quality is extremely high. These prints are a copy of your image and must not be reprinted or scanned or copied.

Our wall art and blocks also come from professional quality printers and suppliers.

You will be able to see examples of the products on offer from us during your session as they are displayed in the studio, which can help you make your decision.


Please feel free to ask any questions about your images, we are are than happy to advise on the best option to suit your budget and requirements.