Sibling shots and weekend opening

Two things we regularly get asked at Shellie Wall Photography are if siblings can be included in the newborn images and if we have weekend opening.

While Shellie will open on a Saturday in busy periods, in general she does not work weekends due to her own family commitments. It’s also worth remembering, that with a window of opportunity for newborn sessions to take place and babies arriving when they want to, it would be impossible to allocate every new baby a weekend slot anyway!

This leads us on to siblings being involved. Shellie absolutely adores sibling shots, and its only natural that you, as proud parents, want to display your growing family.

It’s a wonderful and beautiful thing to have proud big brother or sister cradling the new arrival in an image that will be treasured forever, and with pre school age children this is easily achievable, as they can pop along to the session, though we do recommend that they only stay for the beginning of the session as there is limited space in the studio and it can be very boring for them watching new baby be the star of the show. We also need to avoid any disruptions to ensure the session goes as smoothly as possible and even the best behaved siblings can get fidgety in the warm studio.








For older siblings who are at school, the school attendance policies can make this a little more difficult. Newborn sessions are all done at 10am, as though years of experience Shellie has determined the best time for a successful session and settled baby. While we would never advise people to take their children out of school, this is what many do , just for the first hour of the session then pop them back. After all, newborns aren’t newborns for long and what price do you put on capturing memories?

However, it is worth remembering that a newborn session is just that, for your newborn and the main focus will be on them and these sessions have been created with them in mind. So it isn’t the end of the world if you cannot have your older children present and Im sure as proud new parents you yourselves will be taking plenty of pictures of them together.









The other option is to book a mini Keep it simple session for after school hours, where you can pop back with baby and siblings for a short studio session to capture brotherly and sisterly love, baby doesn’t necessarily have to be asleep for these, so can be slightly older than the newborn window and are a quick session with 2 digital images included, so you don’t miss out.
(Mini keep it simple session – £75.00 with two digital images)