Snowed under by Bella Louise Drew

Most of the UK is snowed under at the moment thanks to the arctic winds drifting over from the East.


But what do you do if you have a baby?


Being stuck indoors can be a pain, especially in the arctic weather.

I’ve thought of the things that have made my life easier whilst being stuck indoors with a 5 month old baby.

Feeding – Breastfeeding, yes i know this may seem a bit obvious, but not having to worry about running out of baby milk is a big relief. I’ve seen loads of post of mums running low on formula whilst im sitting here with my milk makers literally in front of me.

If you do use formula send your partner out to get some and stock up!


Keep the heating on – A cold baby isn’t a happy baby, so keep the heating at a nice 16-20 C and stay super snug.

Playtime – Alternate the activities so your baby doesn’t get bored, or even experiment with some new ones! I find changing up her bouncer, high chair, jumperoo and floor time works and keeps her amused.


Bringing the snow in – Because it’s a little too cold to go outside, I brought in some snow. Put Primrose in her high chair with gloves on and let her experiment with the snow whilst keeping warm indoors.


Cuddles – I’ve used this time indoors to have lots of cuddles, watch disney films and generally lazing about. We’ve also had mornings of skin to skin as thats still so important even if your baby isn’t a newborn anymore.

Housework – Seriously, my house has had a full deep clean whilst the weather has been cold. I hate germs and we all know winter bugs are constantly being caught. So I’ve took the time indoors to disinfect everything! (and it passes the time too)


Going out – If you do decide to go outside, keep it brief and keep baby warm. Adding one more layer will make sure baby is kept nice a toasty.

Eating  – If you can’t send your partner out for supplies, wrap up warm and brave the cold. Try buy things that don’t go off (really zombie apocalypse). We stocks up on soups, things to make warm hearty meals such as cottage pie, lasagna, stews. These all freeze nicely and will warm you up in time. OR my favourite option, order take out. Although be expected to wait a while for delivery especially if everyone is snowed in.


So they are the things that have helped me during this blizzard.

God knows how we would have survived as cavemen as its freezing!

Bella x