Standinbaby – Training Aid

I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that I am passionate about Newborn Safety.

I am so proud to say that I am a backer to one of what could be the most important tool to hit the newborn training market StandinBaby.


StandinBaby is more than just a training doll, it is full articulated and has been designed and made using actual Newborn x-rays, Its weighted and made to mimic an actual newborn.

The training tool has been designed for Newborn Photographers by Newborn Photographers. It will with out any doubt change the way we train, meaning students can have hands on training with the StandinBaby until they feel confident to handle a real live baby.

However you must not be mistaken that you can purchase a StandinBaby and skip the training process. Attending a training course is still essential, but you will be able to then go away from your course and put in to practice what you have learnt to nail those trickier poses!

The StandinBaby will also make doing composite images easier, meaning that doing outside shots can be achieved without ever taking a newborn outside.

So how can I get involved i hear you say …… Well this product still needs more backers to get it up and off to production. the kickstarter link is HERE

Every penny counts, pledging as much as you can will help this amazing tool come to life.