Triplets 1 In 3 Million

Back in April I did a shoot with my first ever set of Newborn Triplets …..ALL BOYS!! Little did i know they were a rare set 1 in 3 million to be precise.

A great friend of mine Maddy a newborn photographer from Grimsby Maddy Rogers Photography came to help me pose and shoot these 3 tiny bundles Ayaz, Kuzey and Koray.




Then to my surprise The triplets mum contacts me to ask if ITV can use images ….. well of course i jumped at the chance ITV article (however slightly upset they didn’t use digital images instead they used screen shots).

The boys came back to see me last week now aged 8 months they were an absolute joy to be around. Giggles and smiles galore. Its just wonderful to see them grow up and become individuals.



There next visit will be in the new year when we celebrate their 1st birthday ……. I just can’t wait.

Check out the ITV article here ITV Triplets article