The real survival Shopping list!

The real survival Shopping list!
While everyone seems to be panic buying toilet roll and soap, we thought it might be a good idea to remind people of some good purchases to make incase you find yourselves stuck at home with your children. This seems to becoming more and more of a possibility and many parents are petrified of running out of things to occupy their little ones with if a lockdown occurs.


  1. Crayons, felt tips, paints and paper! Drawing and being creative is always a good option, make sure you have plenty of the above for those Van Gogh moments! For younger children, finger painting and making splodges is a fun (albeit messy) activity.

     2. Sweets! OK we don’t want hyperactive children running around but believe you me, there will come times when you need to bribe them! Make it into a game by having a sweetie treasure hunt around the house.

    3. IF you can still get the ingredients, making your own play dough is a fab idea. Firstly spend some time together actually making the play dough, then later they can play with it, get their imaginations going!

1 cup of plain flour, 1/4 cup of salt, 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, 1/2 a cup of water….food colouring if you have it!
    4.  Glue, safety scissors and craft paper. Many a happy hour can be spent cutting and sticking.
    5. If you get chance to visit a charity shop in the coming days you can pick up board games, books, jigsaws etc at bargain prices – you’ll be grateful if you can’t get out in the near future!
    6. Mustard and cress seeds, cheap flower and veg seeds , small seedling trays or pots, mini bag of compost. Do a bit of growing with the kids, little ones will love planting and then watching the seeds as they grow!
    7. If you aren’t much of a baker there are quite a few baking kits around, grab a couple with your regular shop so you can get the kids involved with baking some simple cakes.
    8. A soft ball so even if you are stuck indoors you can play catch without damaging your house!
While these items might not be the most important things on your minds at the moment, if you manage to even grab a few of these things, it will make being stuck at home so much easier!
Look out for our upcoming blog on activity ideas to keep kids occupied and do feel free to let us know your own ideas too!
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