A day in my life (lockdown)


Day in my life in the Wall household LOCKDOWN 2020 #COVID19
So on Monday the 23rd March Shellie Wall Photography closed the studio for the foreseeable future.
shellie wall photography - closed
Tuesday the 24th March, the whole country went into lockdown. The coronavirus is out of control and we have to take everything the government is saying seriously, and all do our bit to help the NHS who are working tirelessly to save those who are sick! STAY AT HOME!
stay at home - coronavirus - coivd19 -staysafe
Today is Wednesday the 25th March and for the last week I have done nothing but scrub and clean, my house has never been cleaner. I’m going to take this opportunity to walk you through my day today. Brace yourself, it’s mainly cleaning LOL!
8am still in bed but the new hot tub has just arrived!! ( today was the last day they were delivering ) man, I can’t wait to get in there and “try” to relax a little. So the dogs are barking their heads off at the 3 people walking through their garden and they aren’t allowed to go and say hello! No-one is allowed to say hello, 2 meters guys, 2 METERS!!! I’m standing at the window in my dressing gown shouting instructions through the closed window. I’m taking no chances.
hot tub arriving
I’m up now so I may as well get started with my day. Those who know me will know im a stress head when it comes to the safety of my family so it will come as no surprise I feel sick all the time, and to cope with stress I clean! To start the day I can’t eat so no breakfast yet, just a mug of hot lemon juice, I crack on with the first jobs. Today is rabbit clean out. Dougal is our house bunny we rescued him 3 years ago from the RSPCA, he’s a complete fluff ball and also completely blind. He’s litter trained so like cats that live in the house he poops and pees in a litter tray ( so clever ). We bundle Dougal outside for some fresh air, well as much fresh air as you can get, hiding in a tunnel…..
rabbit in tunnel
Clean litter tray, fresh hay, water and food. He has a cage clean twice a week.
rabbit enclosure - indoor rabbit - house rabbit - cleaning out
Next we have the Ratto’s, yes we have 8 adorable rats. Hope, Faith, Patch, Snuggles, Willow, Luna, Kitara and Luna.
Rats are amazing animals with such a bad rap. They are sweet, affectionate and very intelligent. They also use a little tray for pees and poop, although Hope does like to hang her butt off the edge of a hammock and just pee. But we forgive her because she’s cute hairless!
rat - hairless - pet rat. - cute rat
In the morning all the rats get a yogurt treat, fresh water and a little food. They don’t need much in the morning as they normally sleep all day until around 8pm when they have their free roam time, more about that later!
rats - pet rats -
Now the Dogs, Rupert and Loca, the ginger ninja’s or Vizsla’s if you want to use their proper breed name. Loca will be 8 yrs in May and Rupert will be 7 yrs in August. At 8am hubby (Nick) feeds the dogs and gives Loca her medication, she has Epilepsy which is controlled by 2 very expensive drugs,loca takes these 4 times a day, Which we will still be collecting each month from our Vets. She doing just fine! So the sun is shining, I kick the dogs outside with a nice juicy bone each that should keep them busy for around 10 minutes…..
vizsla's - dogs - pet dogs - dogs outside
Time for me….. I’ve showered and dressed leggings again well, no-ones going to be seeing me LOL, no make up and I’ve not bothered to straighten my hair either. (sliver linings).
Since the boys have all been at home I seem to do nothing but the washing up how do 4 boys/men create so much washing up? Also clothes washing, the machine is constantly on in the this house. Ive stripped my bed washed it and hung it outside to dry, Mmm fresh sheets, my favourite.
Remade and tidied bedroom. My bedside table looks like a boots counter, I’ve had an awful migraine, probably brought on through stress. However it’s feeling much better today, so these can all go back in the cupboard.
Its now 10.30 and the Tub people have left, it’s all set up and we just wait for the water to warm up to 38 degrees before we jump in, glass of gin in hand! As the men leave I start disinfecting every surface they have touched or breathed on, Zoflora is my new best friend!! Its smells amazing too.
Time now to clean and tidy the sitting room… when did Rupert sneak back in?
Back into the kitchen and OMG more washing up!!!! Cleaned kitchen disinfected all surfaces again!
12.30 I think I might be safe to now have a cup of tea and possibly a ham roll for lunch. I’m also trying hard to keep my fluids up so my headache doesn’t return 1ltr of water done, Boom!!
Meantime the house is pretty quiet. Nick and Tom are working from home, Nick works for Aviva and Tom my eldest (21) works for UK power as an apprentice so has been set some course work and assignments to do from home and is put on Storm alert so will only be called out if we have a storm or emergency.
Harry son number 2 (18) is busy doing college work. He should be starting Uni in September, studying animation art but that’s all very uncertain right now. 
Ollie’s (15 and my baby ) life hasn’t really changed much. He’s home schooled because he suffers badly with anxiety and depression alongside Aspergers which makes being in a social environment very difficult. Today he’s also doing his online school work, which is supplied by the school for him to complete at home. Normally we have a tutor that comes to help ollie once a week but of course that has all been stopped since we have been put on lockdown so from now on I’ll be his tutor ( god help him )
Clearly in those images you can see I’m saving their rooms for when my stress levels hit an all time high!! Oh and look there’s Rupert again that dog gets about!! 
2.30pm time to sit down and have a well deserved cup of tea and catch up on some news. Oh and while im sat down I can’t help but pick up the Switch and have a little play on Animal Crossing (I’m addicted) who knew iron nuggets were so hard to get??
Off to get an hours fresh air with a puppy walk, its nice to have some outside time, peace and quiet, me time!.
What are we going to have to tea? I get asked this 50 times a day. Tonight its chicken casserole with mash and veg. Trying to cook meals that we can all sit down and eat instead of the 5 different meals we normally do in this house, due to everyone being home at different times.
Oh look more washing up!
It’s also Rupert and Loca’s tea
8pm Ratty free roam time. This happens every night, it gets them all out of the cage and active, its so much fun and they run to you for cuddles and loves. This normally lasts around an hour.
Now with the ratties all settled in their cage it’s time to relax and have a large gin!! But not before that last bit of washing up is done!  Ahhhh thats better.
10pm time for bed and oh yes, clean sheets lush!
Night all stay safe stay indoors.
Shellie, Nick, Tom ,Harry and Ollie
Rupert, Loca and Dougal
Faith, Hope, Patch, Snuggles,Luna,Willow,Kit and Baby.