Catching the milestones…

“nothing is more precious than life… especially the life of your child”

        ~Peter Diamandis

When a new addition enters your family it’s easy to spend every second trying to capture those precious newborn moments. It’s amazing to think this new bundle of life will continue to grow and develop into their own unique character, right before your eyes. It’s within this realisation that we recognise every moment of their long and exciting journey is irreplaceable.

This is why Shellie offers photography sessions to follow your baby’s first steps into the world, from their first smile to their first crawl. With every month brings a new opportunity to capture the latest revealed aspect of their personality. With photography packages such as keep it simple and watch me grow you can guarantee to never miss these priceless milestones in your babies life.

Watch me grow

Don’t want to miss a thing? This is the package for you. “Watch me grow” covers you for the three most important milestone in your babies first year; 1x newborn session, 1x 6 month session, and 1x 12 month session. In these three sessions your baby will benefit from our full range of studio props, ensuring these moments are truly unique to your baby.

Keep it simple 

If you have already had a newborn session, or looking to record your babies next adventure, then “Keep it simple” is the best package for you. This is suitable for a child aged between 4 months and 1 year. In this package you have a whole hour of photography time to capture their growth and development. This package also includes five high-resolution digital images and full printing rights, giving you the opportunity to fill up your baby’s photo album!

Shellie’s studio offers the perfect environment to encourage their personalities to really show. Your baby will have the space and supports to enjoy the experience and exercise their curiosity, allowing Shellie to capture their natural character. With a wide range of props and accessories, in all shades of the rainbow, there is a shade to compliment every baby.

Remember photography of your children is an investment in memories that will never fade. Life is precious; don’t let those moments disappear forever.

Milestones of your babies first year 

Month 2 – first smiles

Month 4 – rolling and giggles

Month 4/6 – sleeping the whole night through (we hope)

Month 7/9 – sitting alone

Month 9 – crawling baby!

Month 9/12 – babies first finger foods

Month 12 + – standing up, first words and maybe even first steps