I Love My Job

I know i’m one of a few people who loves their job. I just can’t wait to get to “work”. And to share what I love with many people makes me so happy.

Trusting me to capture these memories for you is an honour. You are entrusting me with the most precious thing in your life, I want to ensure I can give you a product with the highest standard of quality I can.

Everytime I take a booking I get excited, A new fresh person and I get to capture him/her in their first weeks so parents can cherish them forever. These early weeks are so fleeting and to capture them is an honour, I aim to capture their tiny details, toes, tiny finger nails, ears and eye lashes.

Another thing I love is when clients choose to come back and bringing along siblings that I photographed as newborns. Seeing how they’ve grown and seeing how their personalities have bloomed.

So just remember when you book a newborn session with me its more than just a job its my passion and I love it!!

Sessions should be booked just after your 12 week scan, session must take place around day 6 this is to ensure you baby is sleepy and curly enough to get those squishy poses we all love.

When you come to a session with me, you will be welcomed into my studio, you can relax with a cuppa and watch every step I take with your precious newborn. You will be provided with a parent prep which will be emailed to you on booking and just before your session, Its very important that you read all the information, This will tell you what to expect, what to bring and where to come.

For all bookings please complete the online booking form here.

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Thank you