Portrait perfection portrait workflow – REVIEW.

I was contacted by Jane Grates, She asked if i would like to use then review a new photoshop workflow action. Of course I jumped at the chance, anything to make editing quick and easy!!

So today I have the most gorgeous little Lucas in for his newborn session. Although he had perfect skin, newborns always need a little work.

The actions are easy to load, and super easy to use. each stage can be altered individually to suit any style.

Anyone looking for an action to help make their workflow easier this is the one for you. You can remove reds, blues and even that pesky Jaundice.

Skin smoothing is made easy and totally adjustable so you can iron out any unwanted wrinkles.

Then to finish off your editing there is a sharpen action. You can even get it social media ready with sharpening and resizing.


Here are the all important links to purchase this workflow action set. Its also available for Lightroom too.

portrait perfection photoshop actions

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Photoshop Actions

How Portrait perfection portrait workflow works